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Idaho Fertility Law offers legal services to individuals and couples seeking to create their family through a gestational carrier, surrogate, egg donation or embryo donation. We understand your legal team needs to be available to you and responsive to your specific needs, questions, and circumstances. Reliability and responsiveness are key to providing outstanding service and are a key factor in expediting the legal process. They are also the key values to our practice.

We will help guide you through the following:

  • Advising you of your rights and responsibilities in the gestational carrier/surrogacy arrangement.
  • Drafting, negotiating the gestational carrier/surrogate agreement.
  • Providing the necessary legal clearance to the desired fertility medical team.
  • Referral to independent counsel for your gestational carrier/surrogate.
  • Prepare and advise intended parents and/or gestational carrier/surrogate of the legal process.
  • Prepare all court documents, ordering of birth certificate documents and completion of post birth legal process.
  • Manage funds within a Trust/Escrow Account and ensure the funds are paid out to the medical providers and living expenses for the gestational carrier/surrogate.
  • Assist with passports for International clients.
  • Assist with consulate paperwork for International clients.
  • Provide other fertility law services and advice as needed by you.


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